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Trevor's Kitchen
TOP 10 BBQ Tips

Come and join me in the comfort of my garden and let me guide you through the best way to BBQ food. Fully qualified and over 35 years experience in cooking food, much of it outdoors and a lifetime of camping trips has given me a multitude of "good ideas".  You will see how it is done, get a chance to help me and then we will sit down taste all that I prepared. Accompanied by a selection of summer wines to taste. 

Price: 40 EUR Per Person to include both food and wine

Topics Covered:

  • Meat, Fish, Vegetables

  • Size and how it matters

  • Marinate

  • Flavor

  • Flames

  • Moist

  • How to make it easy

  • Safe food

  • Salads and sauces

  • Guaranteed success

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