Training Explained & Pricing Packages

I am a fully qualified, certified and a very experienced fitness trainer and sports nutritionist. More importantly I am passionate about what I do. Forty years of training and my desire to be fit and also help others get fit has not wained. Come and see, I promise the enthusiasm is infectious. My training style is based on efficiency, and all-round body conditioning, often working on multiple muscle groups in "quick time". Your sessions will pass quickly with very little "down time". The seasons change and I adjust both exercises and tempo to suite all conditions.

I organize group training sessions three times per week in Bertrange.

Monday + Wednesday (18:30-19:30)-tyres, kettlebells, ropes and rubber-I integrate many types of exercises

Sunday (11:00-12:30 *once per month 17:00)-In addition to the normal training, I incorporate a 30 minute boxing routine.

All sessions are designed to work your full body and improve cardio.

You start where your body’s fitness level allows-I adapt the routine for you 

Attention: Once per month the training session will take place in the local forest Mamer/ Bertrange/ Mersch . These Forest sessions are designed to test and measure your progress.


100 EUR per month

  • attend up to 14 group sessions per month


120 EUR per month


160 EUR per month

  • a one on one, monthly "goal setting session" personal training plan

  • nutritional advice

  • attend up to 14 group sessions per month

  • receive additional bespoke training plan to suite your needs

  • 10% discount for all "Outdoor & Active Retreats"

  • 50% discount for the monthly Forest Fitness Event

NOTE: walk in/drop in- 10 EUR per session

Personal Training

60 EUR per session

  • development of a bespoke personal training plan

  • 7 days a week whatsapp support

  • one hour training session backed up by a 15-minute planning/ reviewing session

  • nutritional information given


Family Session

80 EUR per hour

  • bespoke planning

  • incorporate fun into exercises

  • games session included