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Who we are

Years of experience working in a multi-cultural  environment often in arduous conditions in conflict environments gave me the ultimate "class room" to develop my team building skills. For over 35 years I have faced many challenges on several continents. Success was always based on the foundations of a coherent team that "worked as one".  Fully understanding the concept of "Work Hard, Play Hard", we are perfectly positioned to provide either or a balance between the two.  To create "Outdoor & Active", I have moulded a team to provide equilibrium a balance of youth and experience, military doctrine and "free spirit adventurers" blended together to provide you with a first-class event. Should you require, our services can be underpinned by professional Psychologists and therapists who are able to explain the theory behind the activities you will perform. We have developed methods, styles and philosophies that have a proven track record. Whether you would like to simply bring your team together for some quality time or develop a stronger, more efficient and effective team. We have created the resources to help you.


Trev Downes

Founder and Facilitator 

BSC Leadership and Management
ofqual Certified Sports Nutrition and Trainer

Associate Member-Institute Leadership & Management

Member of the Institute of Outdoor Learning

Full of energy, enthusiasm and drive. Experienced leader, sportsman, certified fitness and nutrition coach. Always involved in planning, organizing and executing projects . The ability to gel the team together, guide and explain both theory and practical thus maximizing the time available for your event. My experience is underpinned by a degree in leadership and Management.

russ 2022-01-13 110128.png

Russ Edwards

Activities Instructor

BSC Leadership and Management

Member of the Institute of Outdoor Learning

An experienced ex military  instructor specialized in providing team building activities.  Over 25 years active service, keen sportsman and keep fit enthusiast.  Taking his military experience and training he now provides activities for a multitude of companies. He has refined the balance of military skills and the needs of the commercial world.

Marcus Leonard

Lead Team Evaluator 


Over 20 years experience in mental health care, developing team skills, training and evaluate managers. Positioning people for optimal change using the latest performance management techniques. Psychological wellbeing and resilience always at the core of what ever he is involved in. NOTE: Marcus is the one on the right.

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