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For the fish

200g fresh cod-dry with kitchen roll

25g semolina

25g flour

For the batter

100g self-raising flour 

25g cornflour

small pinch of tumeric

10ml oil

10ml vinegar

125g cold lager or fizzy water

salt and pepper

For the peas

100g dried peas

300ml water

10g baking powder

25ml vinegar

25g butter

salt and black pepper

sprig of fresh mint

For the chips

200g peeled potatoes-1.5cm thick


Mushy Peas

  • Soak the peas with all the ingredients except the butter and fresh mint for 6 hours

  • Simmer the peas for 1 hour-add more water if required

  • Add the butter and mint just before serving

Battered Fish

  • Coat the fish in the flour and semolina

  • Mix all the ingredients of the batter together-whisk until smooth

  • Dip the fish in the batter-ensure fish is covered completely 

  • Fry in oil at 180oC for 7 minutes, once the batter becomes golden, the fish floats and the oil no longer "spits" it is ready


  • Place the chips into boiling salted water for 4 minutes

  • Plunge the chips in cold water until cold

  • Fry the chips until golden brown in oil at 185oC

  • Sprinkle with salt and pepper

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