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Similar to a squat test to measure leg strength, in which participants stand up repeatedly from a chair for 1 minute.

purpose: This test assesses leg strength and endurance.

equipment required: a straight back or folding chair without arm rests (seat 17 inches/44 cm high), stopwatch.

procedure: Place the chair against a wall, or otherwise stabilize it for safety. The subject sits in the middle of the seat, with their feet shoulder width apart, flat on the floor. The arms are to be crossed at the wrists and held close to the chest. From the sitting position, the subject stands completely up, then completely back down, and this is repeated for 60 seconds. Count the total number of complete chair stands (up and down equals one stand). If the subject has completed a full stand from the sitting position when the time is elapsed, the final stand is counted in the total.

scoring: the score is the number of completed chair stands in 60 seconds.

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