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DREPS Thillsmillen

Teambuilding & So Much More

 12:00 Onwards

12:00-13:00 Training Session-Buddy buddy style

All body work out, incorporating  team challenge exercises were you will all work as one to complete an exercise.

NOTE: The exercises will not involve any heavy lifting mainly body weight, rubber bands, light weights and aerobic


13:00-14:30 Pizza and breadmaking demonstration

A chance to taste a variety of my homemade breads and have the fundamentals  of bread making, how methods and ingredients affect the final product explained to you

Everybody will have “hands-on” and make their own dough. Then as a “team”, we will light the oven, roll the dough, assemble and cook together. I will use the assembly of the pizzas to explain the concept of balance in cooking


14:30 onward-Team building 

Non-physical team games. Something to task mind and body without being too extreme, ultimately giving  you a feeling of fulfillment. 

You Will need:

  • Footwear suitable for physical activity

  • loose fitting/ sports clothing

  • A change of clothing for after the sport

  • Water bottle- I will bring water to replenish your bottles

NOTE: Toilet and changing facilities will be in  my camper van

  • Address-30 Rue du Baerendall, 8250 Mamer

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