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Fermented Ginger and Fennel Scented Carrots

Prep Time:

1 hour

Cook Time:

3 days to 6 months


10 Servings




  • 500g finely sliced carrots (peeled & washed)

  • 50g finely sliced ginger

  • 10g fennel seeds

  • 500 ml 1.5 to 4% brine NOTE: less salt, quicker ferment but more chance of mold, more salt, more flavour, slower ferment


  1. IMPORTANT-Steralize a suitable container-I use glass jars

  2. Make the brine solution by adding the salt to 50ml of boiling water then adding this saline solution to 450 ml of cold water

  3. pack the carrots, ginger & fennel into the container

  4. add the brine IMPORTANT-ensure the vegetables are completly covered to avoid mold forming

  5. taste after 3 days, it's personal taste, if you want the flavour stronger, leave for another 3 days

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