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PHASE ONE- Move and Monitor

Here We Go

Day one, you’ve decided now is the time. This is what I belief is the best way:

·        Download my “discipline sheet”

·        Purchase or get your “step monitoring watch” back on your wrist

·        For a seven day period; do nothing other than record your daily steps


·        Wear your watch for 24 hrs.

·        Log your daily steps

·        Start to “listen” to your body.


·        Over think it-just do it

·        Overdo it-just do your normal

·        Think it is too little-it is not

·        Make excuses


·        Avoid buses, lifts, escalators.

·        Every hour take a small walk-even 100 steps

·        If you can stand-stand, if you can walk-walk

·        Wear comfortable footwear

·        Share your challenge with others

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