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Camping and Fireside Cookery Course 27-28 May


65 EUR


2 days

About the Weekend

We will depart on Saturday afternoon, pitch our tents and then have a gentle walk along the river, with a planned stop at the local bar. When we return, we will light the camp fire and I will produce a "fine dining" experience, explaining as I cook.

Sunday, you will rise to freshly cooked bacon, egg and sausages, (fruit for the healthier ones. we will play some games and have a gentle training session (optional) before departing on a 6KM tour of the local countryside. A picnic lunch will be provided. The weekend will "wrap up" at approximately 15:00.



All camping accesories with the exception of a sleeping bag

All meals-Dinner Saturday, breakfast and lunch Sunday

A glass of wine with dinner

Sports and training

NOTE: Should you require a little more comfort pods are available for rent (10 EUR reduction in price)

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