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For the beef

500g beef, sirloin or rump

40g course grain salt

20g brown sugar

For the wet marinate

60g red wine vinegar

80g honey

60g Worcestershire sauce

10g baking soda

For the dry marinate

20g coriander seeds

20g fennel seeds

2g chili seeds

2g course ground black pepper



  • Cut the beef into "sirloin steak" size and shape pieces

  • Cover the beef in the salt & sugar turn twice in a 2 hour period 

  • After the 2 hours, remove the salt & sugar and pat dry

  • Add to the wet marinate and leave for 3 hours

  • Sprinkle the baking soda on both sides of the meat and wait until all the froth has disappeared, then remove from the wet marinate and pat dry

  • Toast the spices and crush them coarsely 

  • Cover the beef in the dry marinate

  • Weigh the beef

  • Place in a dry, well ventilated place for 3 to 7 days

  • NOTE: when the beef weighs between 30 and 50% less, it is ready

  • Thinly slice and serve

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