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A lifetimes experience in training and staying fit, certified and qualified to help you improve your fitness levels. I focus on maximizing your time and effort to achieve results, FAST. Why not come and give it a go-many have-many are happy.
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In Addition 

We  specialize in providing events and activities that entertain, educate and stimulate you. You invest in your company and we will invest in YOU. Ultimately we bring people together. Our focus is healthy, active, fun and meaningful engagement. We provide part or full day, weekend, or longer events, whatever time you would like to invest-We can provide. 

Bonfire in Sand

With such hectic lifestyles and demanding work commitment it is so easy to drift away from each other, both in work and out. Two years of varying levels of isolation, fragmentation and disruption and now, hybrid working have only amplified how easy it is to become solitary. We take away the efforts to organize, providing effective solutions to bring you back from isolation.  

A lifetime of experience leading, training, motivating and performing in demanding environments,  backed up with relevant qualifications and a passion to share what we know makes us a team worth working with.

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Trevor provided a cookery demonstration for myself and my colleagues, he is clearly very well qualified and was able to articulate clearly in an interesting and humorous manner. It was clear to see how he boosted the morale of my team 

We wanted to get our team together outdoors and active, Trevor did exactly that. A very well organized orienteering course with some fun and games to finish. All who attended felt that they had benefitted from the time spent together away from the humdrum of the office.

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