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Sunday TBC 12:00-14:30

Forest Fitness is designed to stimulate, mind, body and soul. The course will take us through some beautiful forest scenery were we will complete various exercises that will warm us up. We will then proceed to the "valley of death" and in the shade of the trees and the sound of the river  we will compete against each other in some demanding exercises. Once completed we will relax, eat, drink, enjoy.  Friends and families welcome.

It is a great opportunity to mix with "like-minded" people and get an indication of your fitness level.

NOTE: The limit will be 24 people, to avoid disappointment please register ASAP.

COST 10 EUR per person to cover food costs (Picnic and dessert) any remaining monies will be spent on prizes. Please bring your own beverages.

What to Expect:
  • Competition-the group will be split into teams-the idea is to support & encourage each other
  • Each team will complete "As Many Reps as Possible" in a given time on each discipline
  • All body workout-10 cross-fit/ parcours type exercises
  • Two 1 Km runs (through the forest-solid underfoot)OR an option to meet at the location of the disciplines
  • Finish with food and social
  • Approx. 2 hrs. physical activity
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Event Location

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