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Boot Camp

Something More Fun

If it is something more relaxing you are looking for, we are more than happy to oblige. Again we can mix and match as you please. The day can be more physically focused or something more gentle to relax and enjoy some of the more basic things in life.

Team Bonding

Indoor or outdoor, activities that will simply bring people closer in a positive and pleasant environment. We will fine tune the event as it happens to ensure your day is productive and everybody has a good time.  


Team De-Stress-Wellbeing

Because your team deserves it: Outdoor activities, outdoor and /or indoor cooking, wellbeing yoga, sound bowls massage. Your wellbeing is our treat.


Boot Camp

Because it makes you feel good! Join us in one of our fun boot camps. All sport levels welcome. Beginner to Athlete will leave with a smile. Classic exercise routines, routines that are specially designed so that you will succeed. Overcome the motivation “hump” by learning how to maximize the outcomes with the minimum of effort. As well as qualifications the team has had well over 30 years’ experience of staying fit. We know what we are talking about because we have lived the fit and healthy way.

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