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"In House" First Step-Training Program

15 €

1 Hour

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FACT-MOST PEOPLE DO NOT MOVE ENOUGH-EXERCISE WILL IMPROVE: sleep, mood and assist in stress management, confidence, self esteem, weight loss, reduce the risk of illness and injury.

Getting going again is never easy, this program is designed for those who want to take the first steps at getting fit again. This first program will last 4 weeks, then based on improvements made, program two will begin. NOTE: the exercises are all designed to be low impact and reduce the possibility of injury.


  • An initial assessment of your individual fitness level-4 simple tests will be conducted-the aim is to have a clearly defined measurable start point

  • 2 one hour sessions per week will be available-these sessions will be low to medium tempo and will work every area of your body, targeting both muscle growth and aerobic ability

  • A communal whatsapp group to provide "before and after session" advice

  • If requested, nutritional advice available

  • One on one communication to address specific concerns

  • An assement after four weeks that will indicate progression made

  • I will motivate you

NOTE: A minimum of 6 people are required

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