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Trevor's Kitchen

This demonstration will stimulate, entertain, and educate you. You always wanted to know how “Hunters and Gatherers” preserved their food and survive the challenges of the seasons. We will explain the science behind the magic and then provide a “hands on” practical demonstration that will allow you to produce your own preserved foods. Once armed with the skills you can adapt the recipes to suite your tastes.

Food preservation is a science more than 8000 years old, we only use traditional methods and no chemicals or additives to achieve success.

As a qualified chef, sports nutritionist and fitness coach  I have a vested interest in food science and how we fuel our bodies. It was during preparation for an endurance event that I became aware of  how expensive, chemical reliant and profit driven commercial preservers are.

We will pickle, smoke, salt and ferment food, covering both sweet and savory, meat, fish vegetables and fruit.

From fermented carrots rich in probiotics, dried beef with a 40% lean protein content to salty peanut caramel sauce with over 600 Kcals per 100 grams, all types of preservation will be demonstrated.

  • The event will begin with a tasting session and basic description on the various methods of preserving.

  • Salting, spicing, brining and drying-an explanation on how minor changes can have dramatic effects on results

  •  Biltong demonstration

  • Pickled salmon demonstration

  • Sourdough demonstration (aged sourdough starter to take home)

  • Fermented carrots demonstration

  • Then a chance to pickle some vegetables and create your own product to take home

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