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SOURDOUGH STARTER - All Your Questions Answered

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Unknown member
Apr 03, 2022

Thank you for the reminder, your first questions came directly through to my email account. I am also at the "Starter" stage :-). I will answer those later. The lid is best left loose during the first 5 days. This will allow oxygen to enter the glass and help the bacteria multiply. On day 5, you want to "slow down" the rate the bacteria multiply therefore you can replace the lid. When you "feed" the starter before making bread, it is best to remove the lid again.

Yes, you can replace white flour with whole meal flour, just check to make sure that the starter continues to bubble and not "over bubble"


Hi Trevor I have a number of questions, firstly what happens to the previous questions as I cannot find them? Secondly at what day do I tighten the lid when making the starter? Thirdly can I replace strong white flour with whole meal if I wish? Cheers Richard Hasler

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