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16 chicken drum stick

For the Crust

750g flour

250ml water

100g couscous

For the Marinate 

100ml maple syrup

100g brown sugar

one bottle beer

To Finish

100ml maple syrup

20g salt


  • mix the flour and water to make pastry

  • put the chicken in a bowl and mix with all the marinate ingredients-leave for one hour

  • dig the hole to the size of the base wire (see video)

  • light a small BBQ in the bottom of the hole

  • roll out the pastry to 5mm thickness and 40cm diameter

  • place a liberal layer of couscous on the pastry

  • place the pastry on 30cm circular wire rack

  • neatly arrange the chicken drumstick on the couscous/ pastry

  • wrap tightly

  • place in the hole

  • place a large wire rack over the pastry case

  • light a fire over the chicken

  • bake for one hour

  • remove the chicken from the pastry smother with maple syrup and serve

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