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Fitness and Nutrition Reboot Program

As a qualified and very experienced fitness trainer and sports nutritionist I have designed a program that will bind your diet and training together to ensure you will achieve maximum goals. Whether you are focused on increasing strength and energy or controlling your weight, I will adapt the program to make it the "perfect fit" for you. I will draw on experience as a professional chef to ensure your menus are varied, stimulating and achievable.

The initial reboot program will run for one month and will include the following:

  • Fitness testing to identify the main areas of focus-once assessed I will develop a training plan to suite you.

  • Assessment of your current diet

  • We will work together on your food diary to help achieve a balanced diet

  • Bespoke training plan to help you make gains in the areas you require

  • Weekly one hour personal meeting that will:

  1. Address your food intake and plan the upcoming weekly food plan

  2. Personal training session to ensure you are suitably motivated and aware of what is required to continue to improve 


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