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Trevor's Kitchen

Why not Try one of my Food Demonstrations  or Classes.  Become more informed on how to produce fine food whilst enjoying a selection of dishes that will be prepared and served to you throughout the evening.

I can produce any style or genre of food that you prefer. Below is where you will find ingenious food ideas. All my recipes are tried and tested by experienced chefs with a love for food. The recipes are "backed up" by my blog where you can receive guidance on any recipe listed below-I really know what I am talking about when it comes to food

Give my recipes a go and I will be here to help guide you through

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ME: A passion for food and everything that goes with it. I served a classical chef apprenticeship and loved every  minute of it,  dedicating my life to try and become one of the best. My desire to produce quality has never left me. I have competed in many international competitions and prepared food for Royalty, stars of both sport and film.    I love playing and experimenting with food and continue to try and put a "new edge" on old classics. I have an energy to pass on my knowledge, share what  I have learnt whilst enjoying both food and drink. 

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