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The ultimate "meal in one" wrapped in pastry so that you can eat "on the go"

An age-old classic that was developed hundreds of years ago to fuel the Cornish tin miners as they toiled underground all day


For the pastry

250g strong flour

85g butter, 1cm diced

85g lard, 1cm diced

6g salt

100ml water

For the filling

150g diced beef, finely sliced

75g ground beef

130g yellow swede, .5cm diced

90g white turnip, .5cm diced

90g potatoes, .5cm diced

125g onions, diced

8g salt

10g black pepper


Method​ Preparation time: 1 hour - Baking time: 50 minutes

  • For the pasty

  • Mix the flour with the butter and lard, work the mixture with your fingers until the mixture becomes a "sandy" texture"

  • Add the salt and water, mix together and knead for 5 minutes

  • Allow the pastry to rest for one hour in the fridge

  • For the filling

  • Cut the ingredients as stated above

  • Mix together well so all the ingredients are evenly distributed

  • Construction & Baking

  • Roll out the pastry until 3mm thick, cut in a 18cm round

  • Fill as per picture

  • Egg wash 1/2 the circle, fold and "crimp" the pasty

  • Egg wash, rest and egg wash again

  • Bake for 15 minutes on 200oc then reduce the temperature to 170oC for a further 30 minutes

  • Allow to cool for 15 minutes before serving

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