BACKPACK COOKING-the efficient way

The critical elements with backpack cooking is “fueling, weight and ease of preparation”. The intention of this course is to arm you with the correct knowledge so you can build yourself the perfect “on the go” meals.

I will combine ingredients to demonstrate the basics, explaining what a “balanced meal” is-both nutritionally and flavor, how products can be blended to give you the right fuel at the right time. Ultimately the knowledge gained will save you time, money and improve your performance.



Time to fuel for the day, eat early and give your body time to digest what you have eaten

Sweet cappuccino Porridge

Scrambled “English Breakfast” with Oat Flatbread

Fruity Granola



Something light to keep the Glycogen levels high

Italian seafood cous cous

Mexican Salami buckwheat

Quino nut and vegetable salad



Once you’ve finished the walking for the day, time to get the protein into your body, allowing your muscles to recover in the best possible way

High Protein Frittata

Millet Stew

Nut Roast


Snack Attack

Granola Bar

Ultimate mix