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Training Explained & Pricing Packages

I am a fully qualified, certified and a very experienced fitness trainer and sports nutritionist. More importantly I am passionate about what I do. Forty years of training and my desire to be fit and also help others get fit has not waned. Come and see, I promise the enthusiasm is infectious. My training style is based on efficiency, and all-round body conditioning, often working on multiple muscle groups in "quick time". Your sessions will pass quickly with very little "down time". The seasons change and I adjust both exercises and tempo to suite all conditions.

You start where your body’s fitness level allows-I adapt the routine for you 


I organize group training session in Bertrange.

Monday, Wednesday + Friday (08:30-09:30)All Welcome-"around the tire", a great start to the day, get the blood pumping, heart beating and fill your lungs with fresh air. All standards welcome. We also make it social, finishing with a cup of coffee and every Wednesday, with homemade cake.

Monday + Wednesday (18:30-19:30)Intermediate-tires, kettlebells, ropes and rubber bands-I integrate many types of exercises into well balanced routines.

Tuesday + Thursday (18:30-19:30)Beginner-as above but the focus is on maintaining form, not pushing too hard and having a little fun.

Saturday (10:30-12:00)-In addition to the normal training, I incorporate a 30 minute boxing routine.

All sessions are designed to work your full body and improve cardio. NOTE: Should I organize a "Outdoor & Active Weekend", there will be no Saturday  training (boxing session will be on the Wednesday session prior to the last weekend), should members wish to attend the weekend, they will receive a generous discount.

Sunday 18:30-19:30-Fun on the Park-20 minutes, training, 20 minutes teambuilding then 20 minutes fun and games.


NOTE: To give us even more variety, once per month the training session will take place in the local forest Mamer/ Bertrange/ Mersch . These Forest sessions are designed to test and measure your progress.

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