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For the dough

400g strong flour

100g butter

50g sugar

2 tsp salt

1 packet of dried yeast (7g), soak in 100ml of warm milk & 2 tsp sugar

100ml cold water

2 eggs

5 drops of vanilla essence

zest of 2 lemons



  • Chop the butter into 1 cm cubes and mix with the flour

  • Mix all wet ingredients and sugar and then add to the flour and butter

  • knead for 5 minutes

  • If not using immediately, place in a sealed container and refrigerate (up to 12 hrs.)

  • When the fire is ready (embers have formed) take 75-100g pieces, roll into a ball and then form into a sausage

  • wrap tightly around a stick and toast over the embers of a fire

  • Toast until golden brown

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