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Get Outside and Into Nature

All our activities are focused on building resilience, respect and bonding. We have developed them specifically with young adults in mind. The skills learned will undoubtedly help increase confidence and help them along the path to a productive and prosperous future.


Our team is a blend of fitness trainers, experienced chefs and ex-military instructors, who have specialized in team building skills.

Using a mix of our military skills, outdoor pursuit experiences and qualifications we will provide you with:

  • Demonstrations - that will help students who want to experience adventure and develop and learn outside of the classroom 

  • Training

  • Teambuilding

  • Fun


We have the experience and expertise to provide you with something very special-NOTE: Should you require a specific skill to be taught we can bring in an expert-e.g. map reading, orienteering.  We will tailor what we provide to your requirements.


Exploring Engineering:
Our Professional Chartered Engineer (and ex-combat engineer) will explain some of the basics in engineering; forces, tension & compression, material properties and how they affect bridge design. Then it will be hands on, practical and over to the students. As a minimum, they will construct a cantilever bridge that will demonstrate all the theories that have been explained to them.

Backpack Cooking:
We will have a selection of dried ingredients that are, rich in nutrients, healthy and ideal for making great "on the go food". You will create your own "dehydrated meal packs". We bring Forty years of experience, cooking, walking and living outdoors, we will share this knowledge with you. Firstly, we will explain the "Why and how" demonstrate how it is done, then over to you. we will be present to guide you through the process.
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Outdoor Cooking, Advanced Skills:
Time for something a little more luxurious, naan breads, BBQ bread, even a banana and marshmallow kebab with some homemade chocolate sauce to dip in. You will be "hands on" whilst cooking over an open fire.
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Hiking Smart:
Topics such as the best way to pack your ruck sack, how to conserve energy and the relationship between your pace and endurance will affect your overall performance will be covered. The advice given is based on years of experience of hiking.
Bootcamp style disciplines, working as one moving, motivating and having fun

Group Sessions
We will warm you up as one, run you around, gelling you as a team, making working the whole of your body, fun.

Grueling Workout
Should you require, we can provide either one on one or group, "100% effort" workout sessions. These workouts will test both your mental and physical ability to push.

All the original classics mixed with other activities that we have developed over many years. We have all performed in austere and very difficult environments, we have brought these experiences into our sessions, enforcing the importance of working together as a team to achieve goals.

Inclusive team games and challenges, the focus is on "Fun" and "Inclusion" not just who wins and loses but we interact around each other. We have developed games that will make you laugh, maybe get a little wet and dirty.
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