We will "move, learn and act" together. 

Demonstrations, a chance to get "hands -on" some theory on sports nutrition and inclusive fun sports.


All designed to help you enjoy the experiences of outdoor living.

Our team consists of experienced chefs and physical trainers, we do it not just for a job but because its "in our blood" and we love it. 

What to Expect:
Warm up, Military Fitness Testing:
Starting slow and building up the tempo, once fully warmed up you will be guided through the fitness test, we are there to help and encourage you.
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Backpack Cooking:
I will have over 50 ingredients that are light, rich in nutrition and ideal for making great   "on the go food". You will create your own "dehydrated meal packs". I bring Forty years of experience, cooking, walking and living outdoors, I will share this knowledge with you.
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Outdoor Cooking, Advanced Skills:
Time for something a little more luxurious, naan breads, BBQ bread, even a banana and marshmallow kebab with some homemade chocolate sauce to dip in. You will be "hands on" and aslo cook over an open fire.
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