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Cocktails and Canapes - The Healthy Way
An evening were you will be served a selection of canapes, cocktail food and cocktails from "around the world", chosen for their diversity & the way in which they blend together. A cookery demonstration will be entwined into the evening. The event is planned to allow you time to relax, socialize and be entertained. You will get an opportunity to go "hands-on" and be able to put into practice what you have learnt. In addition to the canapes and cocktails a selection of healthy fruit and vegetable juices will be prepared fresh, just for you.

To Start:

Roast Peppers & Caramelized Onions on Sourdough Bread, Spanakopita, Koftas, Hummus with Red Lentil Flatbreads


Classic Flammkuchen

To Finish:

Scottish Shortbread, Oatcakes and Apple and Sesame Seed Cake


Apollo Cooler, Alsace Spritz, Midnight Martini

Health Juices:

Green Bomber, Asparagus Spritz, Forest Fruit Punch

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